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Brutus Rollers originated in 1954. The current executive leadership took over in 1998 and streamlined operations to steward this successful line of products to compete and win in today’s marketplace.

Brutus Rollers are directly descended from original designs. They were so skillfully engineered that there still are Brutus Rollers that continue to be operated after more than 50 years. Customers still purchase replacement parts for Brutus Rollers that were manufactured when Eisenhower was president!

Featured Products

1/2 Ton Ride-on Roller: AR-5H
1/2 Ton Ride-on Roller: AR-5H

Briggs & Stratton Engine Maintenance Kit: BMK-1
Briggs & Stratton Engine Maintenance Kit: BMK-1

Honda Engine Maintenance Kit
Honda Engine Maintenance Kit

Engine Maintenance Kits PDF Print E-mail
Written by Cary   
Saturday, 27 November 2010 17:42

Maintenance kits are a great way to save money on engine maintenance and repair. Maintenance kits provide parts for tune-ups, specific parts replacement, and even complete engine overhauls.

We explain the general benefits and specific details below of the Maintenance Kits that are offered on our website.  Engine owners can save money on parts and shipping by taking advantage of our engine maintenance kits, not to mention repair time.


Benefits of Engine Maintenance Kits

There are several reasons that make maintenance kits a smart buy:

1. Parts that come in maintenance kits usually need to be replaced at the same time.

For example, tune-up kits include a spark plug engine spec'd oil and filters needed for a full tune-up.

2. Customers save money on shipping by ordering the parts all at once.

3. Customers save money on parts by ordering them together in a kit.

4. Customers save time on repairs by replacing kit parts at the same time.

Using engine maintenance kits is a good time and money saving habit to get into, especially for getting the most bang for your buck on your gas-powered engines.

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We Design With Our Customers In Mind
For more than a half-century, we have been manufacturing precision rolling machines that are completely free of built-in obsolescence; we build, run and test every machine prior to shipping it to our valued customers. We recognize that purchasing a Brutus Roller is an investment in assuring quality – and safety – of the courts and grounds that service athletes and enthusiasts, both public and private.

It's clear to see that Brutus Rollers are truly Outstanding whether on the Court or in the Field.

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Tennis Court Maintenance Print E-mail
Friday, 27 March 2009 21:39

Your clay tennis court can last longer and have better performance with the proper maintenance. As a tennis court service provider we understand the need for quality equipment to maintain your courts on a regular basis. You should have a daily maintenance plan in place for the best results.

You should always start by picking up any garbage or loose items around the tennis court. Make sure to remove any unwanted grass or weeds. Do a thorough inspection of your whole court. If you find any divots anywhere on the court surface you will need to level them out with a lute-scarifier. Divots can cause the ball to move in an unwanted direction if it were to hit a divot on the court.

Next you will want to use a drag brush to help do a final leveling of the court and remove any fine debris left on the tennis court. After a good sweeping with wide turns, you can move on to cleaning your lines with a line scrub brush. You want to remove any build up of foreign materials on your lines. If debris is caked up on your lines it can cause ball redirection as well.

One of the final steps is rolling your court. Although you do not need to roll your court everyday, the more you roll your court the longer it will last and the better it will feel during play. The quality of your roller can make a difference in the upkeep of your courts. We pride ourselves in providing the best rollers for all of your tennis court needs.

Remember to water your court to prevent cracking and erosion. You may want to water the court after each time of play to help in the lasting quality of your court.


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Peter Johnson - Kraft Tennis Partners told us:
Kraft Tennis Partners is a new tennis club on Amelia Island, Florida. The club is unique in that it's 145 members all do our own court maintenance. Our Brutus roller is the mainstay of our equipment inventory. Our volunteers use it twice a week to roll the five courts and it never fails. The Brutus folks in Trenton are the best. As the volunteer maintenance director I can say that the Brutus staff are always there with knowledge-based answers to all our Brutus questions. It's just great to have such a piece of solid American-made equipment backed up by knowledgeable American staff. Thanks Brutus.


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